Village Cinemas Doncaster

Village Cinemas briefed Kerry O’Brien to brand their newest cinemas
at Doncaster thevillage2 ‘Biggest and Best’ and to ensure publicity coverage in metro media, not just the local press which is usually the case with suburban cinema openings.

Kerry O’Brien Publicity’s strategy was to deliver a creative campaign utilising angles not often seen with cinema publicity – design, food, career profiles, utilising existing columns, celebrity stories, staff personality profiles and social coverage was used to generate in excess of $3 million of media coverage for the launch phase.

Kerry O’Brien Publicity faced a challenge in that the whole of Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre was opening around the same time as the cinemas, we had to stand out from the crowd! At the end of the campaign the client was thrilled with the expansive amount of print, radio and online coverage.

Village Cinemas Doncaster immediately achieved the status of the second most attended Village Cinema in Australia.